The Sparks of Life

The body needs approximately 70+ organic minerals and trace elements for optimal health. Anything less than that can compromise our health. Just as an orchestra requires many different musicians in order to create a harmonious sound, so the body needs all 70+ mineral building blocks for perfect health. The reason many of us are in such poor shape is that organic mineral building blocks are missing from our diet. For example, beans that in 1900 weighed 32 pounds/bushel now weigh only 28 pounds. The loss in weight is due to a lower uptake of minerals by the beans.

The topsoil has disappeared in an alarming way in all industrial countries. The fertility of the soil is gone. Industrial agriculture places emphasis on production instead of producing highly-mineralized products. Since we can’t get adequate minerals from our food we must look to other sources. Even a meat-based diet does not provide us with the necessary minerals because most animals are fed genetic-engineered soybeans and grain which has been grown on soil fertilized by nitrate and phosphate. These mineral-poor feedstocks invariably cause sickness in animals, which then must be fed antibiotics and medicines in order that they can survive.

There is an abundance of scientific research indicating that almost everybody suffers from a lack of minerals. We are overfed with calories but lack the organic mineral building blocks needed for excellent health. Scientific research in the western world reports that about 99% of the population appears to have a deficiency of several elements that fulfill important functions. About 85% of the population has a deficiency of zinc which plays a role in over 200 enzymatic reactions. Almost everyone is lacking magnesium. The German Society for Nutrition (DGE) recently admitted that even an ideally designed diet did not contain the daily recommended allowance for magnesium.

Intensive, industrial-based agriculture results in the necessity of using pesticides and nitrogen-based fertilizer. Plants are stimulated to grow artificially by nitrogen. Due to their fast growth, few minerals are taken up into the plant. According to the latest insights made by medical research, almost all cell deterioration leading to degenerative disease can be derived from a deficiency of organic minerals and trace elements. Without mineral building blocks, new cells cannot be built up to replace sick and worn out cells.

Ideally, the food we eat should supply us with the necessary organic minerals. Most of us are deprived of this option because we rely heavily on supermarkets and restaurants for food. We would have to grow our own food on heavily mineralized, unpolluted, virgin soil in order to ensure an optimal mineral supply. Few of us have this possibility. Environmental pollution such as acid rain also leaches minerals out of the already worn out soil. In the past century alone, about 75% of the topsoil in North America and Europe have been lost due to erosion and intensive farming practices. Our life and health literally depend on the fertility of our topsoil. When the fertility of the topsoil is gone our health invariably begins to suffer.

Our body cries out for organic minerals and trace elements, the building blocks of life. Most of us misinterpret these signals that our body sends us. Instead, we attempt to fill our mineral vacuum with various sweets, chocolate, salted chips, carbohydrates and fast food. A lack of minerals usually causes cravings to develop. Animals react in the same way: horses deprived of minerals begin to chew on wood and eat dirt. Monkeys eat up the cardboard boxes that contained their bananas. Give your body organic minerals and these cravings will disappear like snow melted by the sun’s rays!

Fortunately Mother Nature has given us the gift of a treasure store of organic minerals, deep from within the earth. There, preserved in its original purity, are the remains of an ancient rain forest, preserved over many eons of time. In the truest sense of the word, a unique mine – the only one of this kind on planet earth – that delivers us the entire spectrum of organic minerals and trace elements in an easily absorbable form.

Renowned American scientists such as two-fold Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling, Dr. Gary Price Todd, Dr. Eimer Cranton and Dr. Michael Sichel are proponents of mineral supplementation. They point out that the cells of the human body need the entire spectrum of 70+ minerals for optimal health. Even vitamins, as important as they are, cannot properly function without minerals. As Professor Linus Pauling has pointed out, there is not a single disease that is not accompanied by a deficiency in certain minerals.

It is important not to confuse organic with anorganic minerals. The latter are too gross for the body to handle. The organic Microminerals possess the tiny dimension of an angstrom, and carry a negative charge. Their tiny size allows them to penetrate through the blood/brain barrier. The uptake by the cells begins immediately after ingestion. Many users of this product have been amazed by how quickly they noticed an energizing effect after taking the Microminerals after only a few days.

Benefits of an improved mineral supply to the body may include:

  • Increased energy
  • Improved circulation, warmer hands and feet
  • Deeper, more restful sleep
  • More full body hair, less splitting of ends
  • Stronger nails
  • Reduction of aging spots on skin
  • Reduction of arthritis pains, less joint stiffness
  • Less anxiety
  • Improved digestion
  • More buoyant mental mood
  • Improved libido
  • Fewer cravings for sweets or chocolate
  • Loss of weight through improved metabolism
  • Fewer colds

The mineral concentration derived from the organic substrate have been ultra-refined using a special proprietary process in our processing plant in Holland. This processing ensures that the organic minerals are refined down to a negatively-charged, microscopic, angstrom-size dimension which markedly improves their assimilation and efficacy.