Bio-Photons — Missing Link in Our Health

Excerpt from Bio-Photons, Our Lifeline to Health by John Switzer MD:

Dr. Switzer wtih Patient Giving Testimony at German TV Show

What is missing in nearly everyone’s diet today?

Are we unknowingly missing some essential nutrient? Is it certain vitamin, fatty acid or mineral? Or is it the mythical soma plant?

What almost everybody lacks today are the bio-photons that can be found in freshly-picked, green plants. These energy particles are woefully lacking in our food supply. They have been overlooked by most nutritionists and are missing in almost every diet plan on the market.

What are bio-photons?

According to German physicist Professor Popp, all living cells emit coherent light energy in the form of “bio-photons.” When the term “photon” without the prefix “bio” is used, the source of the light energy is the sun instead of the living cells of plants or animals. The prefix “bio” refers to a biological origin such as the cells of an animal or a plant. Green leaves are able to store photon radiation from the sun and transform them into bio-photons.

Why are bio-photons absolutely essential?

I am convinced that these energy particles are more important than any other nutrient in our diet. By eating large amounts of bio-photons, we can significantly upgrade our health. This is an absolute steadfast law of nature that hundreds of my patients and clients have been able to confirm. Bio-photons will energize our body, detox our organs, enliven our brain, stimulate our hormones, eliminate cravings and even turn back the biological clock.
bio-photons diet
Many of the high-energy recipes in this book contain not only large quantities of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, but also high concentrations of these elusive “bio-photons,” the light energy particles radiated by all living cells. It is like ingesting coherent laser light. The effect on the cellular level is phenomenal.

Popps research suggests that the addition of massive quantities of bio-photons on our diet can fundamentally improve our health and vitality in profound ways. Bio-photons consumed from high energy foods are able to improve inter-cellular communication, enliven our metabolism and immune system, eliminate toxins and even prevent the development of killer diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s dementia. Because they are such potent antioxidants, they have the potential to prevent degenerative diseases from arising…