Phyto-microminerals primal essence concentrated in Miron violet glass bottle (100ml)


This high concentration of our primordial minerals corresponds to 400 ml of the non-concentrated form of the primordial minerals. The 100ml pack is an ideal travel pack and can be taken on a plane. Packed in high-quality Miron violet glass.
The phyto-microminerals primal essence is a 100% natural product and contains a natural composition of bioactive minerals and trace elements of plant origin, fulvic acid (24%) and purified water.

Also discover the phyto-microminerals Ur-Essenz 500 ml in violet glass and PET bottles.

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Phyto-Microminerals Ur-Essenz® is a liquid extract that contains more than 70 valuable minerals and trace elements from the prehistoric jungle. The unique properties of the Ur-Essenz® phytomicrominerals lie in the plant origin of the minerals and the special relationship in which they occur. Thanks to its high bioavailability and excellent purity, the extract covers the entire spectrum of minerals that the human body needs.

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