MicroSynergy Multivitamin und -mineralien (120 capsules)


MikroSynergy contains more than 100 important nutrients, as well as a wide range of minerals and trace elements, vitamins and amino acids in a bioactive form with a good absorption rate. What is special about MikroSynergy is that the addition of the phyto micro-minerals primal essence means that the vitamins and other essential nutrients are better absorbed by the intestinal mucosa and body cells.

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The phyto microminerals primordial essence contained in the MikroSynergy is an extract that contains valuable minerals from the prehistoric jungle. Millions of years ago, these ancient forests in the southern Rocky Mountains were buried by lava. At that time the earth still had an abundance of minerals and trace elements. By being covered in lava, the organic, biochemical structure has been preserved rather than petrifying or dissolving, making the minerals also free from environmental contaminants. The unique properties of the extract lie in the plant origin of the minerals and the special relationship in which they occur. As a result, these bioactive minerals have a very high absorption capacity.

In addition to the phyto microminerals Ur-Essenz, MikroSynergy also contains so-called “chelate minerals”, minerals combined with amino acids (protein building blocks). The absorption of the minerals is favored by their chelate bond. A total of 8 main minerals (calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, selenium, manganese and chromium) are contained in chelated form.

A special feature of the MikroSynergy is its synergetic effect: the high bioactivity of the phytomicrominerals primal essence acts as a catalyst for the other nutrients such as the chelated minerals and the vitamins. This enables the body to better absorb and utilize all vital nutrients.